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  • Ashen Weerathunga

    Ashen Weerathunga

    Associate Technical Lead @ WSO2

  • Anne Henry ☘

    Anne Henry ☘

    Michigan writer, artist and Christian. Helping our faith grow at http://weare-saltandlight.com & work balance at http://Leavethe9to5Grind.com

  • Giuliano Tavaroli

    Giuliano Tavaroli

  • Matt Franz

    Matt Franz

    Occasional Thoughts on Tech, Reading, and Management

  • Dr Ron Pol

    Dr Ron Pol

    Outcomes science, applied to life. Current main focus AML/CFT. Outcomes architect, loves engaging with open minds. See: https://bit.ly/3bj0Y3y

  • Tresna Nugraha

    Tresna Nugraha

  • kunal saxena

    kunal saxena

  • Ridge Ventures

    Ridge Ventures

    Fast, flexible & founder-focused early stage venture capital fund. Backing experienced founders redefining how the world interacts with data and code.

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