Top 8 Identity and Access Management Solutions in Australia

Identity and access Management (IAM) refers to a set of business processes and support technologies that enable the creation, maintenance, and use of digital identities within an organization.

IAM has a wide impact on the user community, application portfolio, and information resources. IAM services are implemented through governance, people, processes, and technology.

Why is identity and access management important?

The average person often uses a password for 27 systems. Within the organisation, they also change roles multiple times, while abandoning applications that are no longer needed. Sometimes they leave, and there may be some accounts that are not disabled.

Before long, an organisation lost the visibility of access, “The principle of least privilege “ is a distant dream.

Check out Australia’s best identity and access management solutions for small businesses, Enterprises, and midsize businesses.

1. LoginRadius

LoginRadius customer identity and access management solutions allow your customers to access any of your Web properties, mobile apps, and third-party systems with a single identity.

Most large enterprises have dozens of touch-points under multiple brands, so there is a greater need for SSO.

Recently LoginRadius named as the Leader in the CIAM Leadership Compass Report by Kuppingercole and It is the first choice of Enterprises. With a client base of major leaders like viacom, CBC, KIND, etc.

2. First Focus

Identity and access Management (IAM) allows the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons.

The most commonly used IAM in the enterprise domain is now controlled by medium-sized organisations:

  • Application access through single sign-on and multi-factor authentication
  • Remote access through geographic doors, including remote access from a foreign country that does not have a worker
  • Centralization of access rights and self-service passwords
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements

3. Insights

Migrate to cloud-based identity management. Identity management is key when using cloud services.

At Insight, we are experts in deploying identity platforms that provide single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user self-service password reset capabilities.

Traditionally, identity information is stored in a single Active Directory structure in the on-premises infrastructure.

4. EmpowerId

EmpowerId is a cloud based identity management platform in Australia that supports all standard identity protocols-SAML, WS Trust, WS Federation, and OAuth. The Power Id Federated authentication Server is used as the authentication center.

It allows users to log on to any trusted source (Active Directory, Google, Facebook, Windows Live, etc.) once to access all participating applications.

5. IBM

Your identity and access management plan needs to make way for your business, not hinder your business. With IBM IAM solutions, you can ensure that the right people have the right access to secure your business.

You will be able to carefully verify the identity of the user when the user logs on and throughout the session.

6. Proviti

The Protiviti handles IAM from a risk management perspective, which is often different from traditional IT consultants or system integrators.

When IAM focuses on understanding risk appetite and addressing critical business risks, it adjusts and expands more effectively, ultimately creating more value and providing more sustainable services to the organisation.


Traditionally, a workforce or enterprise identity and access management platform has been used to reduce the risks and costs associated with employee onboarding, migration, and off-board related to enterprise systems.

Enterprise IAM Platform Support:

  • Controlling access to applications and data
  • Certification and implementation of policies, such as segregation of duties and approval
  • Manage start-up, mobile, and separations within your organization
  • Set up and cancel settings for user accounts
  • Access control for enterprise assets on-premises and in the cloud

8. Datacom

Datacom focuses on (CIAM) customer identity and access management, as well as (EIAM) enterprise identity and access management located in Australia.

Customer identity solutions enable organisations to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, build trust and value through a relevant and personalised user experience, and meet regulatory and compliance needs.




CyberSecurity Enthusiast, interested in latest digital trends, reader, hiker. I’m available at

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Laura Nutt

Laura Nutt

CyberSecurity Enthusiast, interested in latest digital trends, reader, hiker. I’m available at

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